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#justborn #gownies
Thankful for this adorable gownie that kept me cute and modest during my hospital stay! And glad to say it cleaned up beautifully and got put in my maternity bin for the next baby!!
My little princess and I in our matching nightgowns the day of her birth! She was born at 12:56am, gowns from #babybeminematernity
I received a lot of compliments at the hospital for the gown and matching pillow. The doctors and nurses loved it as much as I did
Amber Holton Byrant (gownies)
Thank you Gownies for outfitting me again with my second delivery!!! Love the practicality of your gowns with getting skin to skin with your baby and nursing :)
Ready for baby!!!! #babyhorton #itsaboy #customgown #laboranddelivery #mommytobe #pregnant #excited
Brittany Clevenger-Fawcett
Aww thank you so much!! The gown was a huge hit! All the nurses had to come in and see me! Made me feel very special on our big day! Yes that's my oldest daughter, had to share..moments like that is priceless ♡ please do share! I've had a lot of my friends ask where I got I'm sending all them to you!! thank you for making these gowns!!!
Thank you so much! This was the most beautiful moment of my life!
I think that it is safe to say that I LOVED by gownie!! I would recommend it to all soon to be moms! I think they are adorable fabrics, great quality, and so comfortable! As part of the c-section recovery I was supposed to try to takes walks around the hospital. I was always very comfortable and never had to worry about my gownie! Here I am in my gownie @natashanoir
The two gownies (also have the Sophie) I wore and matching pillowcases were a big hit at the hospital, and I wear them now that I am at home!
Thank you – your nursing and maternity sets rock!
Thank you so much! This was the most beautiful moment of my life!
Fabulous! Made me feel pretty and looked great in photos. I agonized over whether this would be an unnecessary waste of money, but I am so glad I had it. I had a c section, so I wore the hospital gown during surgery then switched into this one in recovery before going to my room and taking photos. Reviews

I have never received such amazing customer service for any where before. I wanted to send her a gift for making it happen, but she declined saying it was her pleasure to make sure the customers were happy.
Thank you Michele!
5.0 out of 5 starsGREAT GOWN!!!March 26, 2012
Nina -
I loved this gown! everyone at the hospital complimented it, not just because it is super cute and the material its made out of it super breathable, you don't feel like you are going to sweat to death, but because of the buttons on both shoulders that allow the front to flap down, this was great for skin-to-skin contact that was mandatory for an hour after the baby was born but also for breast feeding. The gowns at the hospital tied on one side and were difficult for discrete feeding when people came to visit. It was nice to be able to unbutton on either side.
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5.0 out of 5 stars LOVE THESEJuly 9, 2012
FINALLY! I have been searching for PJs that allow me to appear "dressed" but without the sacrifice of comfort, these have been perfect! I am 7 months pregnant and am going to order another pair for the hospital stay as well. I ordered the XL and do need to wear a bra for support but I am ok with that as I generally have to wear one anyway. The shirt does cover my bottom and the set is forgiving. I feel cute in these and recommend them! Good Luck.
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5.0 out of 5 stars So comfly!
Gave these to my daughter. They fit well, they're pretty, and they are extremely comfortable. If they were offered in other colors, she would get one of each. That's how much she loves them.
When they say they are here to help, they are not kidding. I needed to replace an order immediately and Michele went to the post office herself to make sure my order got to me on time.

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